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PHP API finalized ?

Question asked by jcbeug on Jun 27, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2007 by rwetherall
Hi all,

I've been tyring to use the PHP API for a couple of days now, and since I've spent most of my time dealing with searches and difficulties around "Node" classes, I was wondering if I was the only one in that case or if someone else had already used this API with success..

A very simple question is : I try to browse through the nodes of my workspace but it's just simply not possible to get access to the children or properties of each nodes.. getting some SOAP errors etc..

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [soapenv:Server.generalException] (null) in F:\php\EasyPHP 2.0b1\www\alfresco\Service\WebService\AlfrescoWebService.php:51 Stack trace: #0 F:\php\EasyPHP 2.0b1\www\alfresco\Service\WebService\AlfrescoWebService.php(51): SoapClient->__soapCall('get', Array, Array, Object(SoapHeader), Array) #1 F:\php\EasyPHP 2.0b1\www\alfresco\Service\WebService\AlfrescoWebService.php(39): AlfrescoWebService->__soapCall('get', Array) #2 [internal function]: AlfrescoWebService->__call('get', Array) #3 F:\php\EasyPHP 2.0b1\www\alfresco\Service\Node.php(306): AlfrescoWebService->get(Array) #4 F:\php\EasyPHP 2.0b1\www\alfresco\Service\Node.php(259): Node->populateProperties() #5 F:\php\EasyPHP 2.0b1\www\alfresco\Service\BaseObject.php(12): Node->getProperties() #6 F:\php\EasyPHP 2.0b1\www\alfresco\Service\Node.php(182): BaseObject->__get('properties') #7 F:\php\EasyPHP 2.0b1\www\contentScan.php(45): Node->__get('properties') #8 {main} thrown in F:\php\EasyPHP 2.0b1\www\alfresco\Service\WebService\AlfrescoWebService.php on line 51
with these simple lines

$node = Node::create($session, $spacesStore, "SpacesStore/b7c347c1-2090-11dc-a776-bb6a954d22a3/b7c347c1-2090-11dc-a776-bb6a954d22a3");

foreach ($node->properties as $property)
   echo "test";