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Control over applying an aspect

Question asked by chuck on Jun 28, 2007
I am sorry if this is an elementary question but I am new to alfresco and I am trying to add an aspect to a document that will allow me to provide a color name.

(This needs to work in conjunction with an outbound rule that will send an email to a specific recipient based on which color aspect is applied to the document.)

I would like to do this as a drop down list of selectable colors I'd appreciate advice / comments on my assumptions on how to do this.

My assumptions are below however I need to establish if it is possible or advisable to make the colors aspect available via the properties details ("Modify Content Properties") dialog or under a list of properties shown for my document under "More Actions".

I'm not sure if I can add the aspect using a selection option (either drop down or tick box) from which I can choose a single "color" and apply it as an aspect defined under "More Actions" (as oppose to just having a separate "Red" aspect, then a "blue" aspect).

Anyway for this to appear under "More Actions" my assumptions are as follows:

(1) I'd first need to add a new aspect definiton to my model.XML (as described in

(2) Next I'd add the 'ColorType' aspect that was defined to the list of properties shown for my document (as described in

The outbound rule that sends an email based on which color aspect is applied should just be another rule.

I was also wondering as to whether general classifiable was at all applicable in this scenario to allow a default color to be applied to file.