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schema update problems (wrong case for table names)

Question asked by stk137 on Jun 28, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2008 by raul_bhatia
Trying to install 2.1 (6/26) - upgrading  an existing 2.0 -
I get  "Schema auto-update failed"
and "Table 'alfresco.jbpm_task' doesn't exist"

well it does exist but it's just upper case, JPBM_TASK. 
Unfortunately, I'm currently stuck with case sensitive table names with MySQL/Linux.

While I can alter this update script, I can consider renaming my tables if Alfresco is assuming they are all lower case.

What is best for Alfresco in the long run?

It seems somewhat odd that the database Alfresco originally created is uppercase for JPBM_* tables and lowercase for afl_* tables.  Maybe the schema should just be created with all lower case if update scripts are going to make that assumption.