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Records Management Error - Alfresco Enterprise 2.0

Question asked by mvanbergen on Jun 29, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2007 by rwetherall

We are doing some internal testing of the Records Management module on Enterprise 2.0 (build-23) and have run into a problem.  When we update an existing record (i.e. updating the "Last Review Date" upon performing a vital record review), it appears that the next review date is not automatically calculated upon clicking OK on that record to accept the "Last Review Date".  It does appear that the "Last Review Date" is being persisted properly.  Isn't the "Next Review Date" supposed to be calculated automatically based on the vital record increment?

After further investigation, we have noticed the following error message in the alfresco.log file:

08:12:19,004 WARN  [alfresco.missingProperties] Failed to find property 'rma:otherAddressee' for node: workspace://SpacesStore/37e7f00c-a616-11db-b705-a76dc4fc3b7b

After referencing the recordModel.xml, it appears that there is no rma:otherAddressee property as shown below:

<property name="rma:otherAddressees">^M
               <title>Other Addressees</title>^M
               <mandatory enforced="false">false</mandatory>^M

It is actually "rma:otherAddressees".  

Anyway, could this error be what is causing the "Next Review Date" from not being calculated automatically on a record review update?