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I have access problem on CIFS

Question asked by richard_tsai on Jul 2, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2007 by andy
   I have access problem on CIFS. The problem can be re-produced as the following scenario:

1. Start alfresco 2.0
2. net use \\xxxx_a\alfresco password /user:xxx\richard

17:00:48,500 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] NT Session setup from user=htcmfgadmin, p
assword=52bc052828c501b0ce0b7b5fd4a34160dbe89c18fa2a0080, ANSIpwd=49d8e43d3d9072
3193ef2239a8408083707ee6cd50c14f02, domain=htctaoyuan, os=Windows 2002 Service P
ack 2 2600, VC=0, maxBuf=61440, maxMpx=4, authCtx=[NTLM,Challenge=25a58a919db113
3. start \\xxxx_a\alfresco. Then, we can browse alfresco by Windows file explorer without problem.
4. Stop Alfresco 2.0
5. Start Alfresco 2.0
6. start \\xxxx_a\alfresco. oops…
Windows XP pops up a window to show
"\\xxxx_a is not accessiable. You may not have permission…., access denied"
    start \\xxxx_a. Windows XP pops up a logon challenge window.

17:01:02,328 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] NT Session setup from user=, password=non
e, ANSIpwd=00, domain=, os=Windows 2002 Service Pack 2 2600, VC=0, maxBuf=61440,
maxMpx=4, authCtx=[NTLM,Challenge=25a58a919db11324]
17:01:02,328 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth]   MID=13384, UID=0, PID=65279
17:01:02,328 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] Null CIFS logon allowed
17:01:02,328 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] User  logged on  (type Null)
17:01:02,328 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] Allocated UID=2 for VC=[0:2,[:null,,Windo
ws 2002 Service Pack 2 2600],Tree=0,Searches=0]
17:01:02,328 DEBUG [alfresco.smb.protocol] Logoff vc=[0:2,[:null,,Windows 2002 S
ervice Pack 2 2600],Tree=0,Searches=0]

7. net use \\xxxx_a\alfresco /delete
Windows XP pops up window showing "The device is being accessed by an active process.
More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2404."

ps. my ntlm-authentication-context.xml

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>


    <bean id="authenticationDao" class="" />

    <!– The authentication component.                                      –>

    <!– Use the passthru authentication component to authenticate using    –>
    <!– user accounts on one or more Windows servers.                      –>

    <!– Properties that specify the server(s) to use for passthru          –>
    <!– authentication :-                                                  –>
    <!–   useLocalServer   use the local server for authentication         –>
    <!–   domain           use domain controllers from the specified domain–>
    <!–   servers          comma delimted list of server addresses or      –>
    <!–                    names                                           –>

    <!–<bean id="authenticationComponentImpl" class="">
    <bean id="authenticationComponent" class="">

        <property name="useLocalServer">
        <property name="servers">
        <property name="domain">
        <property name="personService">
            <ref bean="personService" />
        <property name="nodeService">
            <ref bean="nodeService" />
        <property name="guestAccess">