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Correct Location for content in WCM

Question asked by steventux on Sep 25, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2008 by steventux
Hi all
I have a WCM Web Project primarily used for producing editorial content, reports, articles a homepage and some index pages, all very basic so far.
I'd like to know where this sort of content is best placed in Alfresco. The WCM tutorial I've been following gives the Company Footer and Press Release examples but these pieces of content are stored under the webapp root, which isn't a real space and so I cant use some of the space/node traversal techniques (e.g in a web script) to find my content. So far both my XML data files and renditions have been written somewhere under the webapp. Obviously the renditions have to be present here for project deployment otherwise there's nothing to deploy, but it seems like this approach doesn't give me much use of the Alfresco repository, its just WCM creating and pushing content. Would I be better to place XML data in the repository so say my delivery app can at least query this or do node lookup and then template this data on delivery?
Any pointers most welcome.