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Please Help with Import!

Question asked by bodgeit on Sep 25, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2008 by bodgeit
I have posted several messages and as yet have received no support with my issue.

I created a repository in Alf 2.1(on server2003) using the HSQL database.  Realising that it was growing rapidly I decided to move to MySQL for scalability and security.  I did a full export(as admin) of over 500Mb in order to import into 2.9.  I copied the files out of the repository and upgraded Alfresco to 3 and installed MySQL.

I have created a new repository.
I understand that it is not possible to just 'import' these files back into new repository and that the 'bootstrap' process has to be activated.

After following the procedure for this I get a 'SEVERE' warning, numerous errors and a none working repository.

Would someone please support me in this?