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Slow performance

Question asked by fschnell on Sep 25, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2013 by tinlinnnsoe
We have Alfresco 2.2E installed and uploaded 120,000 documents residing in a hierarchy of a handfull (maybe 100) spaces. Access via CIFS or the webinterface is fast on the first level showing about 15 spaces. From there opening a space with 200 documents takes about 10 seconds, with 500 documents >30 seconds and every space with more than that is inaccessible. There are 150 LDAP users defined and the backend database on a separate server is Oracle 9. I got the recommendation not to store more than 200 documents in a space/folder as performance after that would massively decrease.

As I do not know where to start analysing and what values would be normal or common, can others please post access times for folders with various amounts of documents, e.g. 100 files, 200 files, 500 files and a 1000 files; what database is used and whether it is on a separate server.

Thanks for your help