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Starting session from Netbeans web application

Question asked by mmorales on Jul 3, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2007 by mmorales

I'm trying to connect to Alfresco server via web service from my Netbeans web application, using exactly the same file that's working fine from an eclipse ide. But in netbeans I'm getting that webserviceexception "Error starting session".

Though I'm pointing to the ide as a possible reason, I mean, something that needs to be set of fixed in any option, or project's property… please have in mind that another difference stands… the computer. However everything seems to work fine (building, deploying, running the login jsp for the application)… but seems unable to start session.

In summary:
- The application deploys and connects to Alfresco server correctly in a computer (say A), under an Eclipse IDE.
- The same application deploys fine but does not connect to Alfresco server in another computer B, under a Netbeans IDE.
- The property file with the repository location is the same one in both projects and machines. No change needs to be done, since Alfresco repository runs in a third machine (the one pointed by the property). This is the value:


and the file is located in WEB-INF\classes\alfresco

¿Some help please? I'm sorry if I seem to be lost… BUT I'M LOST!

Thanks in advance!