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Parent-Child Content

Question asked by tjholmes on Jul 3, 2007
I am a newbie with Alfresco an using version 2.1.0RC, the latest as of now.
With MySQL 5.0 with Tomcat on OpenSuse Linux 10.2.

I have a parent or root custom content type in my custom model.
Let's say I call this content type:  root and it has three meta data: a,b,c

I am creating a new content type called child1 with three properties: d,e,f
Eventually new content type child2 will have properties: g,h,i

I don't really want to ever create content of type root with just a,b,c properties.  Instead I want content of type child1 to have the properties:
a,b,c and d,e,f
For new content of type child2, I want these to use properites:
a,b,c and g,h,i

So, maybe I need an aspect with properties a,b,c and apply those to my types of child1 and child2 without creating a root content type?  
Am I going about this the right way?

Thanks for any help!