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How To Change Default Session Status

Question asked by etzapata on Jul 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2007 by etzapata
Hello everyone!
     I was wondering what file to configure if I change the default session status or the time when Alfresco user is being logged out if user is idle for so many minutes. The default is (I'm not sure but it's too long) about 1 hour. I wanted to make it about 5 minutes. That is, when the user logs in, then the user is idle (no clicks made on web client) for 5 minutes, the system automatically logs out the user. Therefor, the user needs to log in again. How do I do this?
     Another problem I have is the log in. I tried logging in to Alfresco with a wrong password, but the system just keeps on saying "Unable to login - unknown username/password" for sooooo many times. What I wanted is for the system to automatically blocked the user if the log in attempts reaches 3 times. Therefore, the user can no longer log in after 3 attemps thus, contacting the Alfresco Administrator for a reset of password. How do I do this?
     I hope someone can help me with this. :lol:
     Thank you very much and more power to all of you guys! :lol: