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New features and some questions

Question asked by apoorvdurga on Jul 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2007 by steve

I have been playing around with Alfresco 2.1 community edition. It has some very nice features. Keep up the good work.
Here are some observations and any tips would be appreciated:

1. MS Word plugin. Very cool addition.  However, is it possible to save a file directly to alfresco repository from file menu instead of using the pop up? So maybe the file menu could have an option like "Save to alfresco…". Similarly, from the file menu, it should be possible to "Open from alfresco". Or is this just a wishlist :)

2. The plugin in current shape allows me to save to a pre-configured alfresco repository. If the organization has multiple alfresco installations, is it possible to configure the plugin for those multiple repositories?

3. The new WSF based website is an excellent companion and it'll provide a good framework to build your own sites by customizing it. But shouldn't it be possible to install the sample using a simple wizard instead of creating 8 web forms, associating templates and then doing a bulk import?

4. After doing all these, I have been trying to import the war file (alfresco-wsf-website.war) but no success. The process just seems to go on for ever. I have increased the heap size but no luck yet. No error messages also. Am i missing some configuration?

5. I read about the new Blog publishing APM. Can't find any documentation to do that though. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks for any inputs.

The new features are indeed exciting.

Bes regards,