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Disable 'configure Workflow' option

Question asked by shivangi on Sep 29, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2010 by mkeeble
I am using a group submit workflow in which the reviewers group is selected by the admins.

When a author initiates a workflow, he gets a 'configure workflow' button, we do not wish to allow him to re-configure the reviewers.
I want to disable the 'configure workflow' button for the initiator of the workflow . Kindly tell me how to achieve that.

While configuring the web project settings, only the admin should be able to configure the reviewers.
i also do not want to hardcode the reviewers group name in the workflow.

please tell me how prevent authors from configuring the workflow.

In the web-client-config-properties file when i comment the show proerty for bpm: groupassignees -<!– <show-association name="bpm:groupAssignees" display-label-id="gmac.submitReviewTask.groups" />  –>
than admin is also not able to configure the reviwers..

Kindly help