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Starting Tomcat from netbeans makes startsession fail?

Question asked by mmorales on Jul 4, 2007
Hi again.

Well, finally (and logically), I've got both IDE working with my project and connecting to Alfresco. But I still have a problem when using netbeans.

When I run the application after starting Tomcat from Netbeans ide (Runtime), the application runs but it does fail when it tries to start session (you know, "admin", "admin"). No matter from where you launch the application (typing "http://localhost:8080/app", or from tomcat manager, or from netbeans ide).

But if Tomcat is started from OUTSIDE netbeans ide, then the application gets a nice connection with Alfresco. The same .war, the same deployment done, with no other step done: just stopping tomcat and starting it from wherever you want: eclipse plugin, tomcat manager… when you run the application after doing so, it runs fine and connects better…

Does anyone know the reason? I've compared the output of starting tomcat in both eclipse and netbeans and, in appearence, they look the same.

thanks in advance.