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How to add multilingual metadata?

Question asked by vipul on Sep 29, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2008 by vipul
I am using below code to add multilingual metadata.

//Added multilingual aspect….ContentModel.ASPECT_MULTILINGUAL_DOCUMENT

// Added Locale as Simplified Chinese.
PropertyValue propertyValue = new PropertyValue(DataTypeDefinition.ANY, Locale.SIMPLIFIED_CHINESE);
avmService.setNodeProperty(createdPath, ContentModel.PROP_LOCALE, propertyValue);

// Adding a metadata which is defined as mltext in content-model.
propertyValue = new PropertyValue(DataTypeDefinition.MLTEXT, new MLText(Locale.SIMPLIFIED_CHINESE, "華盛頓郵報:北韓助"));
avmService.setNodeProperty(createdPath, CustomContentModel.PROPERTY_HEADLINE, propertyValue);

After executing, when i go to view property (alfresco web-client), it shows "??????????",  it should show simplified chinese characters on
It will be great if somebody can help me to resolve this.