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Disable LDAP Group Sync

Question asked by warren_h on Jul 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2007 by andy

The version of Alfresco I'm installing is 2.0.  I am working through the file ldap-authentication-context.xml and have decided that although I want ldap user sync, I'll probably not want ldap group sync.

So my question is : What is the cleanest or simplest way to turn off group sync in ldap-authentication-context.xml?

I've searched for a suitable true or false attribute that I can set but have not found it.

I have two reasons for wanting to turn off the group sync feature.  The first is that I do not subscribe to the "GroupOfNames" implementation.  My preferred method for populating groups from the directory is to create customised searches for objects with matching attributes.  This way groups with large populations can be created quickly with very little effort, the Sympa mailing list manager for example allows for this approach.  My second reason for wanting to disable group sync is that I prefer to push the responsibilities for creating and maintaining groups onto designated users rather than the admins.