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Custom space - how to develop

Question asked by lil_elvis2000 on Sep 29, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2008 by lil_elvis2000
Hi, I've installed this wonderful Alfresco and have learned the basics of using it.

Now I need to create a space for a legal firm.

On their main space they need a way to create a new space for each new client which they open a case on . I reckon I need a form to be filled in (name, address, details , type of case).
Based on this I would have several templates pre-created and create the space with this information and choose the template on the case type (criminal, immigration, appeal etc..)
In each space I would then (I think) need a component to display the details as collected from the form. This would be placed at the top of the space.
that's the requirement so far…

  I've done XMl and Java before..but not on Linux and not on TOMCAT. where do I get started and are there any samples I can draw from?