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Alfresco while Java_home is set on JDK1.4?

Question asked by seraphon on Jul 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2007 by seraphon

Here is my problem.
I ve been working with Alfresco on my computer, so I had no problem with installing tomcat , JDK1.5 and all the necessary things for Alfresco. But now I must test Alfresco in a wider aspect and thus install it on a machine working as a server so that employees in my company can test Alfresco.

The problem is that on this server there is already JDK1.4 installed and it is needed for other softwares. So I cant install JDK1.5 and link it to the variable Java_Home.
So the only way I can think of is putting Alfresco on a another machine with JDK1.5 but not every company has the money for a second machine.

Although I know this isnt the best place to ask this but is there a way to somehow install JDK1.5 on the server and make it so that only the server tomcat that will host Alfresco will use this JDK1.5?
Something like a personnal Java_home only used by this said tomcat?
I m not very knowledgeable with this and could find nothing on this matter so any help would be appreciated.

If this is indeed the wrong place to ask such a thing about multiple version of JDK coexisting can someone give me an advice to where to look at?

I m using JDK1.5 tomcat 5.5 and Alfresco2.1 community (or the 2.0)
The platform of the server's machine is linux, fedora