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Remove 'Create Content'  Action from Web Forms box?

Question asked by marctsg on Sep 29, 2008
I am working on a WCM project where users may create content from a number of forms.  The structure of the site map is mirrored in the folder layout of the project.  For example, a user could create either an "A" form or a "B" form in the "foo" section of the site by browsing to "/content/foo" in their sandbox and selecting "Create Web Content" from the upper right hand corner.  To facilitate this, the output paths for my forms are usually no more complicated than "${name}.xml" so that they will be created in whatever folder they happen to be in. 

The problem arises when users see the listing of all forms under their sandbox.  Their first instinct is to use that panel to create a form of their choosing.  The result is that the content ends up in the root of the webapp instead of its intended location.  In theory, the folder model is the most intuitive method for clients to create their content, but this panel always confuses them.  Is there some way of disabling the "Create Content" action or, alternately, to allow them to specify the path instead of hewing to the default?