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IMPORT TOOL (command line) problem: Duplicated Child

Question asked by santigt on Jul 5, 2007
Hi all, This topic can be a question instead of a problem.

I used Import tool (command line) in Alfresco 2.0.1, with the -uuidBinding UPDATE_EXISTING option. I used this option because I had the same imported contents (but with different metadata content) in the repository. This tools could import and update all files successfully.

However, If I try to import the same files, in the same repository (the same contents), using the same tool (Import command line) but using Alfresco 2.0.0, this one put this error:

Error: Duplicate child name not allowed.

The question is why?? That error is because of Alfresco version?? It's Because is not implemented the -uuidBinding option in Import tool 2.0.0??

Please help me! Thanks so much!

Best regards,