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Use of spaces, categories and content type to organize info

Question asked by agorod on Jul 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2007 by janvg

I've been asked by a company to help them set up Alfresco to organize their content/documents. They do market research projects and want to replace a windows server/shared folders with Alfresco. Their information is set up around projects, and the projects are related to specific clients. Each project typically includes the following type of content:
1- proposals
2- raw data captured in the field
3- processed data
4- analysis documents
5- client presentations

Wanted to know if people participating in the forum have any insights, experiences or suggestions to share regarding the best ways to set up Alfresco, combining spaces, categories, content types, templates, etc. to support this type of organization.

I'd rather spend time up front to set up Alfresco the best way possible, and not have to re-structure the whole thing in 6 months because it doesn't scale up, or it's not easy to find info, etc.

Thanks in advance!