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Extract acp file into a space

Question asked by bud on Jul 5, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2015 by blueteamro
I exported a space into another one. I see a acp file (I'm aware it's some sort of a zip file). I want to extract this acp file into the current space (where it destinate). So basically I expect to see a space (folders and files instead of just a acp file).

I've read the import/export wiki and it says "Once complete, the next step is to extract the created files out of the Repository. This is easiest via the CIFS, FTP or WebDAV interfaces where it is possible to copy many files at once. At this point, move all the created files to a secure place for backup purposes."

I use WebDav, but the file isn't recognized on Windows (I have to choose a program).  So I can't do anything with it except just viewing in Alfresco.

So is it possible to just extract the file? (Logically if we zip, there must be an unzip).