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Access to document translations in a webscript

Question asked by dgenard on Oct 1, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2008 by robain

I try to build a webscript displaying documents and their associated translations.
There is no specific Multilingual Content API available in javascript or freemarker, so I tried to navigate the relationships between a document and its translations.

But again, it seems that it is not feasible in javascript or freemarker.
All related translations are modeled as non-primary children of an ml:container node.
And javascript seems to be unable to retrieve non-primary parent associations of a given node.

As a consequence, it is currently not possible to implement a webscript displaying documents and their translations, without writing Java code, which greatly complexifies the task.
This is for my case a serious limitation of the built-in multilingual features of Alfresco 2.2E.

Did I miss something, or does someone have another idea ?

Thanks, Denis