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Trigger on Updating Properties

Question asked by alr on Oct 1, 2008

I just found out that - judging by the source - there seems to be some support for triggering actions when updating properties (especially _after_ they are updated), like the OnPropertyUpdateRuleTrigger class. However I haven't found out yet, howto write (and I guess you need to register it via spring) a certain rule which is executed when the trigger is hit.

Furthermore I found the SetPropertyValueActionExecuter class, which should be executed, if I property is set. However, I could not find out, what to write into my spring configuration, in order to activate the trigger

<bean id="personal-id" class=" parent="set-property-value" />

This code snippet did not do it, or I haven't found out how to activate such a trigger in the Alfresco GUI, as it is not listed as a normal rule, after I changed the parent.

Did I miss any documents in the wiki helping me about that issue? Any helps or tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day :-)