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Making Browse rights

Question asked by klaas on Oct 1, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2008 by klaas

I'm trying to make Browse rights like in documentum. The user can browse through the folders, but can't open files. If I exclude <includePermissionGroup type="sys:base" permissionGroup="ReadContent"/> from permissionsDefinitions.xml (for testing purposes I excluded it from the Read Group). I get the functionality I need. The user can browse a space but can't open a document. The problem is that when a user tries to open a document. A new window opens asking for the users password. When the users fills in its password, the loginscreen reappears. The header shows 302 Moved Temporarily. Reentering the password gives the same result. Is there a solution for this inconvenience? Maybe the HTTP Status Code needs to be 401 Unauthorized or 403 Forbidden?