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Hiding the 'Data Dictionary' space and sub-spaces.

Question asked by theorbix on Jul 6, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2009 by witho

Is there a way to hide the "Data Dictionary" space from the Company Home display?

If I have understood properly the concept, the subspaces contained under "Data Dictionary" contain a series of items that an Alfresco administrator can extend, adapt and customize.

But normal end users may be confused by seeing this entry in a list of "folders" that usually is more related to a business view of the corporate content: "Marketing materials, Human resources, IT Department docs, Products… and what the heck is this 'Data Dictionary' folder?" - I'm using the words of my secretary.

I assume that these are "system" spaces that can't be deleted or moved, but is there a way to hide them? Is it enough to change the security of the 'Data Dictionary' space and make it visible only to the Administrator user?