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Filepicker widget hangs in IE 6 and 7

Question asked by alfresco_gopesh on Oct 2, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2009 by alfresco_gopesh

We have made dashlets using the wcm tld for handling the alfresco web forms controlling with the same dashlet using extjs and jsf.

While working with in built web forms ,it works nice..but if we try to open the same using our code it hangs in IE 6 and 7..It works fine with the mozilla firefox browser.

We are facing problem when xsd having any field using <xs:Anyurl> .

If we want to change the path using web form using our dashlet it hangs when changing the path using the image on the left.

after debugging we found that in both cases one difference we point out was the current path variable in dojo ajax was returning null if webform was open with our dashlet application.

Anyone please help me out with this.The call to filepickerbean.getfilepickerdata() was made.using ajax servet's invoke method.

the following is the XSD file and the problem occurs with the bold line.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<xs:schema xmlns:xs="" xmlns:alf="" xmlns:download="" targetNamespace="" elementFormDefault="qualified">

   <!– defines type for content link type –>
   <xs:complexType name="titlelinktype">
         <xs:element name="downloadtitle" type="xs:normalizedString"/>
         <xs:element name="link" type="xs:anyURI" default="/docs" />         
   <!– defines type for content link –>
   <!– defines type for first level channel –>
   <xs:complexType name="downloadtype">
         <xs:element name="title" type="download:titlelinktype"/>
         <xs:element name="date" type="xs:normalizedString"/>
         <xs:element name="size" type="xs:normalizedString"/>
         <xs:element name="publish" type="xs:boolean" default="false"/>

   <!– defines the form for creating a navigation hierarchy –>
   <xs:element name="list">
            <xs:element name="download" type="download:downloadtype" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>