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Problem with Office Integration

Question asked by karakal on Jul 6, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2007 by karakal
I replaced some names and ids in the following text with <>….

I have a problem with the Word Plugin for Office Integration.
Install worked perfect and the plugin actived itself after starting Word.

I put my path-Variables in the fields:

Webclient: http://<servername>:8080/alfresco/
WebDAV: http://<servername>:8080/alfresco/webdav
CIFS: \\<servername>\Alfresco\

The plugin itself is working allright (searching, checkin/checkout,…). But when I try to open a Document (e.g. after searching in the search-panel) I get the following error written in the document:
The node's content is missing:
   node: workspace://SpacesStore/<some id>
   reader: null 
   Please contact your system administrator.

And if I open some document from the CIFS-Share, the Plugin says: This document is not managed by Alfresco…

The server-URLs are correct and each of them is working…

What am I doing wrong??