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Create / Edit Rule with Script?

Question asked by e-manuel on Oct 3, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2015 by nickburch

is it possible to create a script (Javascript/Webscript/…) to create Space-Rules or to edit them?

I have many many spaces (about 200 - 250) and i want to apply "notification-email-rules" to all these spaces.
I also want to edit other rules, there are already in some spaces (also rules, that sends emails to space-users on "any item").

How can i do this?
Example: In the Webclient, i would select "Create Rule", Condition="All Items", Action="Send an email to specified users", Value="Group_testgroup", Subject="New Document", Template="new_doc_template.ftl".

I already created all spaces and subspaces with a Javascript.


ps.: it's Alfresco 2.1