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Recommended Way of accessing Content from Web Application

Question asked by mark.smithson on Jul 6, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2007 by mark.smithson

What is the recommended way of accessing content within the Alfresco Content Repository from a web application running on the same physical machine (and app server)?

As far as I can tell the samples use a custom tag that uses the JCR API over RMI. Is this necessary to allow the WCM features, including virtualization to work?

Alternatives would seem to be:

1. Use JCR in the same JVM as Alfresco. This would seem to need playing around with the spring config to allow us to access the relevant bean definitions from a seperate web application to the one that Alfresco is running in.

2. Use the Foundation Services API. Again this is in process so would need modifications to the spring config.

3. Use the Web Services or the new REST API. I guess this should work, but how fast would it be?

Any information or experiences would be welcomed before I start experimenting.

Thanks - Mark