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Any way to upload file via browser app into repository?

Question asked by dasjlm on Jul 6, 2007
Ok one last time try before I give up on an easy Alfresco solution to external application browser file uploads.

I've been assuming this should be fairly simple but can't see how to code.
I'm using an external web java application that talks to Alfresco via web services.

From what I've seen so far I need to upload the file to temp file location on my web server using something like the commons FileUpload then add the content via web services.  ie: It appears to be a two step process.

I thought I might be able to do with one step via the ContentUploadServlet but I can't get that to work and as mentioned in other notes the api doc was not help.

Perhaps I'm asking too much of Alfresco.

Any hints or sugestions are appreciated?