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CIFS configuration

Question asked by damien77 on Oct 6, 2008
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Hi all,

I'm currently developing web content on Alfresco 2.2E on Ubuntu HH with smbfs installed.

From what I understand about virtualisation, I have to manually mount the AVM repository to get file virtualisation in virtual-tomcat. However, I can't find any documentation that describes the 'correct' way to do this.

I'm currently mounting the AVM (after starting alfresco, but before start virtual_alf) using
sudo mount -t cifs //localhost/avm /media/alfresco/cifs/v -o username=admin,password=admin,rw,port=1445
(Note, I've specified a non-privelleged port, and I'm not running Alfresco as root)

If I look in the mounted directory, there are no versioned directories for my existing web projects (which I had created before I realised the AVM needed to be mounted). However, when I create a new web project, it will appear in the directory. Is this the expected behaviour? It doesn't make sense to me, as wouldn't the virtualisation just 'work' for all projects?

Once I have started virtual_alf, Alfresco will generally stop responding after a bit of usage and I see 'CIFS VFS: server not responding' in the console messages, and various 'CIFS VFS: No response to cmd 115 mid 141', etc. Now, I'm unsure as to whether this is an Alfresco problem or an Ubuntu problem, but have I done anything bone-headed in the mount configuration? I've also got a Mac box here, so I'll see how that behaves.