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Help in writing a custom application on top of Alfresco

Question asked by shlomi on Jul 8, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2007 by kevinr

Iam quite new to alfresco and web development in general. We are trying to develop a simple application that deals with alot of contents, and we chose Alfresco as our content management service.

I also realized that we could actually build our own application over alfresco, rather then our own application that uses Alfresco's API as a backend. I would like suggestions for the best method to build my application as an extension over Alfresco. My application (at least for now) is quite simple, there is one main space, with some contents (and subspaces), and there are certain operations that can be performed over the chosen space. I dont want my end users to see any alfresco operation and menus, and I want the main form to have different pages on it.

The best way I thought about doing this was to implement a dashboard that will call different jsp's for different pages, and make it unchangeable by the users.

Is this the way to go? Is there a better way?
please advise me on this matter, so I can make the best out of this wonderful piece of software.

Thanks alot,