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taglib IN FreeMarket

Question asked by asianirish on Oct 7, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2008 by robegf
Has anybody tried to use Alfresco taglib-tags like a:actionLink and r:actions etc in FreeMarker ftl file? gives an example:

In FreeMarker <html:form action="/query">…</html:form>  is just static text, so it is printed to the output as is, like any other XML or HTML markup. JSP tags are just FreeMarker directives, nothing special, so you use FreeMarker syntax for calling them, not JSP syntax: <@html.form action="/query">…</@html.form>. Note that in the FreeMarker syntax you don't use ${…} in parameters as in JSP, and you don't quote the parameter values. So this is WRONG:

<#– WRONG: –>
<@my.jspTag color="${aVarialbe}" name="aStringLiteral"
            width="100" height=${a+b} /> 
and this is good:
<#– Good: –>
<@my.jspTag color=theColor name="aStringLiteral"
            width=100 height=a+b /> 

but it doesn't work in alfresco :cry:
When I'm trying to use  <@a.actionLink > it displas error something like "undefined tag a"
I couldn't use the construction <#assign a=JspTaglibs["/WEB-INF/alfresco.tld"]> either