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Is Alfresco for me?

Question asked by ronak_shah44 on Oct 8, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2008 by mrogers
I have started evaluating Alfresco for my project for a Goverment Agency .
Here are my requirements

1) Document managemet (quite a huge nos. of documents to be uploaded/maintained)
2) Record Management
3) Very complex workflows
4) Metadata searching
5) NO web content Management

In addition to above requirements, we have lots of Web forms associated with worflows. In few cases, forms data are spanned across multiple pages bcause of large nos. of input fields. These forms data to be stored into my own schema as it will be used for MIS reporting.

Having a quick look on Alfresco site and it;s capabilities, I feel that building so many forms driven pages (using Web forms) is difficult in Alfresco. Also not sure, if using webforms , forms data could be persisted into my own schema( I think Alfresco stores forms data into it's own schema tables which is difficult to comprehend).  Our application UI is quite different than what Alfresco offers. Hence, I feel is there will be huge amount of customization required in Alfresco.

Your inputs/suggestions are welcome whether Alfresco is a right fit for us?

I am thinking about using Alfresco as a back-end product and building Our application UI using Struts,hibernate which will interact with Alfresco using web services for Document management, RM and searching capabilities.  Does this sound viable?

Ronak Shah