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Lucene Search in Staging sand-box of WCM

Question asked by vipul on Oct 8, 2008

I have ingested many content programatically with metadata in staging sant-box.
// Create File…
avmService.createFile(avmPath, asset.getName(), inputStream);
// Add metadata
addProperty(avmPath + "/" + asset.getName(), finalMetadataMap);

//Submit content.
AVMDifference avmDifference = new AVMDifference(-1, nodePath, -1, nodePath,AVMDifference.NEWER);
      List<AVMDifference> avmDifferenceList = new ArrayList<AVMDifference>();
      this.avmLockingService.removeLock(sportsBundle.getString(PROJECT_NAME), nodePath.substring(nodePath.indexOf(":") + 1));
      this.avmSyncService.update(avmDifferenceList, null, true, true, false, false,"Filesys", "Filesys");
      avmSyncService.flatten(nodePath, nodePath);

Now, I am using lucene to search content by custom metadata with query "@sports\:game:football"

Problem is , Some time lucene search returns 314 results, sometimes it gives 317 results,….I mean result is not consistant..

M i doing wrong something? Can anybody suggest a solution?