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Search, stores and their purposes

Question asked by calle on Oct 8, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2008 by rivarola
I am implementing a service that searches in old versions of content.

From what I have understood reading about the SearchService I should change the StoreRef being used in the SearchService.query(…) call. I use Alfresco 2.2 e. I have found several threads about this but none explains the problem fully.

To start, lets look at the different stores I know about:
  1. workspace://SpacesStore - the normal content store

  2. workspace://lightWeightVersionStore - should be the store for old versions?

  3. archive://SpacesStore - the trash

  4. system://system - system information
Also, I have read about versionStore://lightWeightVersionStore, versionstore://main, workspace://default and the new workspace://version2Store

My first thought was that I should use the workspace://lightWeightVersionStore when searching for old versions. However, specifying this store always results in 0 hits, whatever I search for. Neither  versionStore://lightWeightVersionStore gives any results. The search returns results when i use the workspace://SpacesStore or archive://SpacesStore, but not the old versions of course…

From what I have read in the forum I am not the first person trying to search in previous content versions. Anyone able to clarify the store definitions above?

One thought was that no indexes are created for old versions but when tracing the VersionService.createVersion() I am able to verify that the IndexerComponent is called. And it uses the workspace://lightWeightVersionStore for its nodes. Does this mean that old versions are stored here?