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Round in Circles...can anyone provide 2.1 files?

Question asked by bodgeit on Oct 8, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2008 by bodgeit
I have had 3 months of hell with trying to get my 2.1ver repository (fullexport) imported into another server(running mysql instead of HSQL).

After spending too long digging in the forum it comes to light that ver 2.1 that I had downloaded had a bug in the full import.
This was why, after failing to get it working on 2.1 I  had tried to import into a newer version(which according to the wiki is acceptable) however according to Alfresco support staff importing a full export accross versions had NEVER been supported.

OK, so all I need to do is use the last dev release of 2.1.  But when I try to locate the last dev release of 2.1 I find no files other than ver 3b are available, not even on Sourceforge.

This whole Alfresco Labs setup is shambolic.  A real turn off.  Nevertheless I'm determined to recover my files so would anyone from the community please provide me the install files or zip for the last 2.1 dev release so that I can import my repository.

Yours Hopefully