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New to web services, need to check in and out documents

Question asked by riesenfass on Oct 8, 2008
     I'm new to webservices and Alfresco, and I was hoping I could find some help here. Basically, what I'd like to accomplish is have a space where new documents are deposited. After they are added, they are checked out and sent to another application through the other applications web service API. After the outside application is done processing this data, the file is sent back to the alfresco repository and checked back in.

As far as my current understanding goes this is how this will need to be accomplished. When new files are added, a custom action is triggered calling a .js. This script will execute a web service call to Alfresco to check out the file, then call the third party app (web services call) while sending along the file. The third party app will then process and when finished will call the alfresco web services API and check the document into the repository.

I'm wondering where to get started, and if this approach is feasible. I'm not looking to be elaborate here, this is more of a proof-of-concept than anything. Any help is appreciated.

P.S. using 2.2 enterprise edition.