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[SOLVED]Debugging Help wanted - Share DocLibrary Titles

Question asked by norgan on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2008 by mikeh
Hello folks,
please check something for me. When I change the title on a folder in the share document library, all other folders are changed as well.

How do I do it ? Try this :
  • (On Build 1164) in the Share client, create a site, go to Document Library and create two folders :

  • 1st Folder : Name = Test1 & Title = Test1

  • 2nd Folder : Name = Test2 & Title = Test2

  • Activate "Show Folders"

  • Edit Metadata on any  folder => My title field is EMPTY

  • on Folder Test1, set Title to  "Test1"  and save

  • Edit Metadata on 2nd folder => My title field is "Test1"
I can reproduce that with any site, I create.

System :
Build 1164 fresh install on Opensuse 10.3

Any confirmation or tipp, how to debug this ?