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Joining an NT4 domain - and about to give up on Alfresco

Question asked by loccy on Jul 12, 2007
Latest reply on May 23, 2008 by naveenkumar
I am running the latest community 2.1 build on a very, very basic Ubuntu installation with bugger all else installed on it.

I have installed from the linux binary installer. Very pretty. Deceptive simple. Now all I want to do is join a very, very simple NT4 domain.

I am not fussed about single-sign on particularly. I just want all authentication requests - be they of the form of someone supplying a UNC path name ie. \\alfresco\blahblah, or going to the web site ie. http://alfresco:8080/alfresco - to be done against our domain. I am not asking for an elephant in a bun with extra caviar.

I have followed the instructions

That gives me a "no valid CIFS authentication combination available" in the log file. It seems to start up without any further errors, but there's no CIFS, and logging in with a web browser just rejects any and all logins.

I have (rather mindlessly - I freely admit I'm only following 25% of any of this by now) followed the directions in this forum thread:

and in this instance, I get "Failed to get local domain/workgroup name" - despite this being specified in ntlm-whatsit-blahdeblah.xml.

Logging in now via the website gives me a dialogue box rather than an HTML-based login, so I assume NTLM single sign on is getting somewhere. Again, nothing logs in though.

I am flabberghasted to find that there is not a simple how-to dealing with this. This is utterly elementary stuff. Why are there a billion contradictory sets of instructions? Why is it made so difficult?

I am looking to evaluate and put Alfresco up against Sharepoint and to be quite brutal, I am very very close to just declaring "Alfresco has lost, we buy Sharepoint".

Does anyone have a set of example config files that actually work where I can simply change the domain name as appropriate? And if so, is there a reason why they're not supplied as example files? (god forbid I suggest a helper application to generate the config files for you…!)