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Multi-tenancy and SSO (CAS+LDAP)

Question asked by danilo.barone on Oct 10, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2011 by shawn123
Good morning all,
I have some questions, so I'm going to describe my situation:

In multi-tenancy structure, I have fore example 2 tenants.
So an user can login in alfresco by <username>@tenantdom1 or <username>@tenantdom2 (depending on wich tenant he is registered).

I configured SSO in Alfresco with CAS and LDAP. This configuration work, and LDAP users import work too, but I have a problem.
Although I read that there are issues about multi authentication on multi LDAP, this is not my problem: I have only one LDAP application.
Each tenant is identified in LDAP by an "organization unit". For example: o=tenantdom1 and o=tenantdom2. So each user of tenant1 will be under o=tenantdom1, and each user of tenant2 are under o=tenantdom2.

This is mi situation, and these are my questions:

1 - Do you have suggestions on how I can implement this architechture in Alfresco?
2 - I can import users from LDAP (using ldap.synchronisation.personSearchBase), but how I can import user from more dn?
3 - Do I need to implement a new "ldap-synchronisation-context"? How can I do?

Thank you all