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Cannot start Alfresco after install

Question asked by mjohngren on Jul 13, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2007 by mjohngren
Hi, I have seen similar questions to mine on the forum but do not see a clear answer.

I have installed alfresco on linux and am running and get the following response:

[root@sparkpress alfresco]# ./ start
Using CATALINA_BASE:   /opt/alfresco/tomcat
Using CATALINA_HOME:   /opt/alfresco/tomcat
Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: /opt/alfresco/tomcat/temp
Using JRE_HOME:       /usr/bin/java
[root@sparkpress alfresco]#
Alfresco does not start.

When I check catalina.out, I see only the following:

[root@sparkpress logs]# more catalina.out
/opt/alfresco/tomcat/bin/ line 273: /usr/bin/java/bin/java: Not a directory
Obviously this should just say /usr/bin/java, and I have set the JAVA_HOME variable properly:

[root@sparkpress alfresco]# echo $JAVA_HOME

So I am not sure where the incorrect /usr/bin/java/bin/java is coming from.

Can anyone please help with this?  Thank you!