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No Email Templates to insert?

Question asked by kritischer on Jul 13, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2007 by xerox
I have written a number of email templates which have been uploaded to the Data Dictionary/Email Templates folder.

I am trying to create an inbound content rule for "All Items" the action of which is to "Email Specified Users".

When I am creating this rule I am able to add the users that need to be notified. But, No email templates are available to insert. Pasting the email templates contents into the body field will send the email, but as I have found out, will not replace ${} calls with content data.

Can anyone tell me why my email templates do not show up when I try to "email specified users"?

I am trying to do a notification of a document to review only. Without even a simple approve/reject workflow.

Is this possible? I've had a good experience with Alfresco so far and am using Alfresco Community 2.0.

Thanks in advance!