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Deployment wedged in 'IN PROGRESS'

Question asked by ftoth on Oct 14, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2008 by ftoth

I'm hoping someone out there has a fix for this. We're using 2.1 community.
Somehow we've got a WCM deployment stuck in "IN PROGRESS" and I can't find
any way of unscrewing things. No amount of restarting affects it. If I try new
deployments, I get NullPointerError each time I try to hit either the deploy
button or the revert button. If I try to revert the "IN PROGRESS" deployment,
I get an error about a file missing.

At this point we are completely stuck as we can't deploy anything at all.

Is there any way out of this? (Short of scraping the disk clean and building from backups!)

Is there any way to delete a snapshot? I'm not adverse to hitting the database
directly if it avoids having to rebuild.

Any advice appreciated.