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SVN build - virtual server cant connect [SOLVED]

Question asked by steventux on Oct 14, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2008 by raghukumar.c
I updated from SVN this morning and after a deadly schema update the next problem seems to be that I can't get my virtual server to connect.
I know the basics of setting the IP in and have also tested a working Labs3.0b release (same RMI ports, hostname and IP address) and this connects as expected.
I have also copied the virtual server from the 3.0b labs release, deleted the contents of the work/ dir in an attempt to see if it was something in the virtual server config but the same problem results, so it's likely that the main Alfresco webapp is not allowing the virtual server to connect. That's about all I know…
Can anyone point me to the relevant code so I can start to look for the problem?