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Meta files (links) don´t work

Question asked by soeren.r on Oct 15, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2008 by lpalomero
The links for checkin, checkout and viewing of the page for that folder in the alfresco web client that Alfresco adds to every folder in its CIFS export don´t work for some reason. The message I get on double clicking one of those links is something along the lines of ' """ is not a valid web address '
I will check this again and update my post with the correct error message, but apparently for some reason alfresco doesn't know where to point those files to and just leaves that string empty.

Alfresco is running on Ubuntu 8.04 and I have configured it using the howtos
with the (minimal) required changes for Ubuntu 8.04

I do not get any errors in alfresco.log, so no point in posting that..