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Inconsistent after restore from hot backup

Question asked by ftoth on Oct 15, 2008

We're running 2.1 community with postgresql.

We had a problem with Alfresco WCM deployments that no amount of restarting or other fiddling would cure,
documented here:

I decided to restore from backups. We had been running the hot backup procedure
as documented on the wiki. I was pleased that the restore appeared to work just fine.

However, I am not so sure now. Though there were no errors during restore or in our
running instance, we have at least two occurrences of a strange problem.

We have two spaces where files are missing. However, they're there in the sense that
a freemarker script can see them and they show up in the node browser. If we try
to add the files to the space, we get "file already exists". And of course we can't
delete them because they don't show up in the UI.

Is there any sort of consistency checker for an alfresco instance? Anyone else
had problems with hot backup and restore?

Does the UI cache somehow? I can't imagine why the UI would not see these
files. They look absolutely normal in the node browser. The two files in question
were added to alfresco some hours before the backup, so it's not like it was
any sort of concurrency problem. The backup ran on an idle system. The database
was backed up using "pg_dump" which, according to postgresql doc, meets the
requirements for dumping a consistent snapshot.

Needless to say, if we can't trust backup/restore, we've got big problems.