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'Item is locked by you' next to new content

Question asked by mcmagi on Jul 17, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2008 by kvc
After an upgrade to the 7/13 nightly build, I noticed some new behavior in Alfresco.  Suddenly, next to all newly created content, a lock icon now appears with the mouse-over text "Item is locked by you".  Content Contributors can now no longer submit content that they have entered to the workflow because of this lock icon.  However this lock icon does not prevent Content Managers from entering and submitting new content.  Is this new functionality that I am unaware of, a configuration issue as a result of the upgrade, or a bug?

Also, I noticed by reverting to 2.1 RC1 that the problem does NOT go away, which is odd because it did not happen when I first upgraded to 2.1.


- Michael C. Maggio
   NCS Technologies