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Importng New Content Types with Web-Services

Question asked by tjholmes on Jul 17, 2007
I created 4 new content types, and I am able to enter custom meta-data for these different content-types with the Alfresco 2.1 web-app just fine.

I'm having some issue with ACP file XML imports.  So, I am looking at new ways to import data such as the Web Services.    I have downloaded the SDK and I have pulled the projects into Eclipse.   I have looked at the first web-service client application.   This sample works fine, so I want to be able to use web-services to ingest new content for my new content types.   How much works is that?

I've also seen that I can call the import function directory with the Importer.
Is there any sample code i can use to look at that?   What I can do is create one new XML and content file and an ACP file ONE piece of content and import it.  Rather then doing all 3800+ pieces of content in one ACP and X files.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.